Hosted by his Ph.D. students
to honor and celebrate his influence on their careers
and his contributions to Scripps over four decades

Thursday, November 30:

6:00pm Dinner at Sante Ristorante

Dinner Photos

Friday, December 1:

9:00 First Session

Welcome and Introduction (Miller)
Greg Holloway (1976)"Probable and Not-So-Probable Sea Ice. Myrl's Fault?"
Jay McCreary (1977)"Equatorial Dynamics: The Equatorial Undercurrent, Subtropical Cells, Tsuchiya Jets, and Deep Equatorial Jets"

10:15 Coffee Break

11:00 Second Session

Mike McPhaden (1980)"El Nino Research, 1976-2006"
Bruce Wielicki (1980)"Myrl the Mentor: The View from Top of the Atmosphere"
Kathie Kelly (1983)"Myrl in the Early 1980s: Advice on Observations From a Theoretician"

12:15 Lunch

1:30 Third Session

Vittorio Barale (1986)"Mare Pictum: Our Own View of Ocean Colour"
Art Miller (1986)"Normal (and Non-Normal) Modes of Variability: The Myrl Supremacy"
Tim Boyd (1989)"Myrl Hendershott: Cinematic Icon" (Movie)
Cindy Paden (1990)"Myrl Gets Experimental"

2:45 Coffee Break

3:30 Fourth Session

Paola Rizzoli (1978)"Myrl Hendershott in the 70's"
Guillermo Auad (1996)"From Sardines, Salmon, and Bottom-Trapped Waves to Soccer, Girlfriends and Global Warming:
                                  The Hendershott Viscosity. Bonus Feature: The MATLAB Incident" (Movie)
Jim Lerczak (2000)"Temporal Variability in an Estuary: Keeping it Linear"
Rick Salmon (1976) "Oceanography at the Dawn of the Computer Era: Myrl and His Students in the 1970's"

Unable to attend:

David Behringer (1972)
Gerard Stock (1976)
Mike Parke (1978)
David Chapman (1981)Statement
Mike van Woert (1984)Statement

Symposium Photos

5:00 All-Hands TGIF at Surfside

TGIF Photos

7:30 Reception at the Munk Residence

Reception Photos

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